EA cuts sale of FIFA currency in Belgium in ongoing lootbox legal conflict

Remember back in 2018 when Belgium cracked down on gambleboxes in video games, zeroing in on Overwatch, FIFA 18, and CSGO and

MMO Business Roundup: FIFA lockboxes, anti-swatting policy, Fortnite on SNL, Free Guy, UO postmortem

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Belgium begins criminal investigation into EA’s noncompliance with gambling laws as lockboxes remain in FIFA

Activision-Blizzard and Valve may have cooperated with European nations' lockbox demands, but apparently EA won't be playing ball. You'll recall that at the end of...

That EA and Nexon announcement is a FIFA-sized kick in the you-know-where

Well. Talk about an intentional foul. That "mystery MMO" that EA and Nexon were teasing? It turns out that it was merely for

The Daily Grind: Where are all the sports-themed MMORPGs?

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FIFA YouTubers plead guilty to charges under UK gambling act

Back in September, we reported on the UK's case against Craig "NepentheZ" Douglas and Dylan Rigby, the YouTubers charged under the Gambling Act...

FIFA hackers charged with stealing millions in spoofing scheme

Don't ever let anyone tell you it's just a game and exploits aren't a big deal: A group of FIFA players are standing trial...

UK courts prosecute first-ever case involving online video game gambling

A British court case have arisen recently concerning gambling and online gaming that could set precedents for such future activities. In the UK, two men...