MMO Business Roundup: ROBLOX’s IPO, NCsoft, Nexon’s next big thing, and FIFA’s latest scandal


Welcome back to another roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent industry news.

ROBLOX: As planned, ROBLOX went public (publix?) this week, opening its first day of trading on Wall Street at $64.50 a share and pushing up to as much as $74. The NYSE reference price was $45, so that’s juicy indeed. As Kotaku quipped, that basically means investors valued it at $45B – “approximately six Bethesda[s].”

Nexon: According to MMO Culture, Nexon is ramping up development and hiring on multiple game titles, including some sort of untitled multiplatform UE4 action-combat MMORPG (the teaser pic looks very sci-fi). There’s also another team-based UE4 title dubbed P2, a multiplayer RPG that is not an MMORPG dubbed P3, a globally launching title dubbed Project SF2, and a PC-only medieval action game called Project HP.

NCsoft: MMO Culture has follow-up piece on the Korean gaming giant that outlines its compensation plans for new hires and existing employees – including a $7K bonus this year for every employee, including contractors and part-timers, following the company’s solid 2020 year and CEO bonuses.

FIFA: Can anyone remember when FIFA was in the news for good reasons instead of bad? Man, let’s just play some soccer. Anyhow, the latest bad news is that EA is in the midst of investigating its own staff following complaints that an EA employee has been selling rare FIFA cards for potentially thousands of euros.

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