The what?

For Science: New research affirms online friends provide emotional and informational support

You've probably seen the declaration that "online friends are real friends" somewhere on the internet a few times, and while that can seem pretty...
Plue Brotocol.

The Daily Grind: Do you still try to make new friends in MMOs?

Today's Daily Grind was inspired by a Reddit thread from a user who said he was experiencing a bout of loneliness in MMOs, essentially...
It's probably Ascians, isn't it? It's more Ascians.

The Daily Grind: How do you stay in touch with your MMO friends outside of the game?

For some people, the answer to the question asked in the header is very simple: "I don't." And that's totally valid. Some people make...

Guild Wars 2 collabs with the Ad Council’s Seize the Awkward suicide prevention campaign

Here's some warm fuzzies we don't want to postpone to our monthly Massively Uplifting column: Guild Wars 2 studio ArenaNet is using its annual...
You all just hate me because you don't like me and I'm mean all the time.

The Daily Grind: How quickly do you friend people in an MMO?

As many of you probably know, my first MMO was Final Fantasy XI, which made adding someone to your friend list a sacred procedure in...
We never claimed to be saints.

Anthem explains its Alliance and Guild systems following its second demo, with hints about something more in the sky

While Anthem is not a game that will force you to play with others, it certainly wants you to, and part of that is down to the...
They're big, you see.

The Daily Grind: When have you felt loneliest in an MMO?

One of the things that no one discusses about MMOs is the way that they can be lonely. The presence of so many people...
Hey, it's okay.

The Daily Grind: How important is your MMO circle of friends to enjoying the game?

I've been fortunate, over the past couple of years, to make some really good friends in MMOs. Those friends are not the reason why...