Anthem explains its Alliance and Guild systems following its second demo, with hints about something more in the sky

We never claimed to be saints.

While Anthem is not a game that will force you to play with others, it certainly wants you to, and part of that is down to the Alliance system the game sports. Producer Ben Irving posted an explanation of the system on Reddit for those confused by the system. In short, playing through missions contributes to the Alliance XP rewards, but that pool is also bolstered by the other people you’re playing with and the other people on your friend list, even when you’re not all playing the same thing.

Based on how much Alliance XP you earn in a given week, you’ll get Coin for purchasing cosmetic rewards, with certain weekly caps preventing you from buying everything at once. So it’s a system to encourage you to play together and share your space with others, with the game’s formal guild system due for shortly after launch as another way to keep players together.

Of course, there’s more to the game than just the mechanics, and the demo was marked by mysterious swirling spots in the sky. It got teased throughout the demo and Irving has drawn attention to it again following the conclusion of testing. So if you enjoyed your time during the early play period… well, keep watching the skies.

Source: Twitter, Reddit via Polygon
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