EVE Online’s new beta launcher allows custom settings for launching groups of accounts

EVE Online’s new beta launcher allows custom settings for launching groups of accounts

CCP Games, what are you folks up to? First it was a brand-new get-acquainted-with-EVE-Online trailer for enticing newbies. Now the game itself is getting a major facelift in one of the spots you’d think wouldn’t matter but actually kinda does: the launcher itself.

I’m not going to name any names, but some MMORPG launchers are so terrible that even seasoned veterans cringe and consider exiting out even when they were initially up for playing the game. That’s not really a criticism I think that can be lobbed at EVE’s launcher, but a bit of sprucing up might attract some newcomers, which seems to be the game plan under Pearl Abyss.

CCP says it’s retooled the layout, added better window scalability, overhauled the authentication process, added custom launch groups, and even allowed the launcher to remember accounts. You can go try it out yourself right now through the settings option in the current launch – that’ll let you swap to the beta launcher (or back again if you hate it).

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Karl Killmarx

At least this isn’t just a retread of another MMO’s feature. CCP is doing something different and something to appeal to its players’ specific needs. Whether CCP uses this to facilitate botting or penalize it remains to be seen.

Shadex De'Marr

I’m sorry, they changed their own launcher to make it easier to run bot accounts? Guess this is what happens when your studio starts getting bought out by eastern developers.


Not sure about that, a big ratio of people run 3+ browsers no matter role/focus in game. For example is not uncommon for a miner to have one account with Orca and 2 miners plus a hauler. That said, personally for me, mining was boring, a lot of people do it though.

What worries me the most about eastern owners is they may bring more aggressive monetization gradually. They done it on their own game too. Of course they wouldnt do it right away but there may be a longterm plan


Hey, at least CCP knows who butter their bread. ;)

Hikari Kenzaki

This announcement brought to you by the “Even More Reasons A New Player Shouldn’t Join The Game” Committee