EVE Evolved: EVE Online has a gambling problem

The gambling debate has kicked off again in EVE Online, this time in response to the annual Guardian's Gala event that's currently running throughout...

EA cuts sale of FIFA currency in Belgium in ongoing lootbox legal conflict

Remember back in 2018 when Belgium cracked down on gambleboxes in video games, zeroing in on Overwatch, FIFA 18, and CSGO and ordering them...

Fortnite changes its PvE lockboxes to be more transparent

Do you keep forgetting that Fortnite has a PvE Save the World mode? Don't worry if that's the case -- the entire globe pretty...

UK parliament committee will investigate addictive tech, lootboxes, and harmful gamification

Given that UK researchers this year found a "relationship between problem gambling and the use of loot boxes" as well as determined that problem...
Ah, no.

Lord of the Rings Online cultivates better lootboxes for impatient Elves

We all know that if there's an important bug in an MMO, developers will get around to fixing it... sooner or later. But if...
Ex Machina

MMO Business Roundup: Chinese vs Western gamers, devs against Brexit, and lockboxes as gambling in Australia

Welcome back to another quick trip through some of this week's gaming business tidbits. Profiling Chinese gamers Quantic Foundry, the Nick Yee research firm that studies...

The FTC commits to investigating video game lootboxes following US Senate subcommittee hearing

Readers following the long-running lootbox/lockbox debate will recall that back in February of this year, New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan, who sits on the...

Nearly a third of the kids surveyed in the UK Gambling Commission’s study admitted to buying lockboxes

The UK Gambling Commission's Young People & Gambling 2018 report was released this month with disturbing statistics for the role gambling is apparently playing...

Torchlight Frontiers’ free-to-play model rejects pay-to-win and gambling schemes

Given that Torchlight Frontiers is being published under Perfect World Entertainment, you're probably not going to be shocked to hear that the MMO will...

Guild Wars 2: Belgian players report gem-buying block, plus more on the bubble tea bans

If you're a Belgian gamer, you should probably take a peek at your Guild Wars 2 account. Multiple Redditors and forumgoers from the country...
We never like these things.

International regulators co-sign declaration to investigate lockboxes and skin gambling

If you thought Belgium and The Netherlands were going to keep on standing alone in the fight against lootboxes, you were very much mistaken,...
Kick it down the road.

UK researchers identify link between lootboxes and problem gambling

Are lockboxes just another form of gambling? That depends on which government entity, scientist, lawyer, or doctor you ask. But maybe the question we...

Belgium begins criminal investigation into EA’s noncompliance with gambling laws as lockboxes remain in FIFA

Activision-Blizzard and Valve may have cooperated with European nations' lockbox demands, but apparently EA won't be playing ball. You'll recall that at the end of...

Lord of the Rings Online announces new endgame reward and lootbox system for Update 23

Lord of the Rings Online's upcoming Update 23: Where Dragons Dwell will be increasing the game's level cap to 120, and with it, the...

PAX West 2018: Anthem shuns content paywalls, lockboxes while embracing ‘reactive storytelling’

More information from BioWare's Anthem presentation at PAX West this weekend has continued to roll out, bolstering the gorgeous trailer and potentially worrisome story-related...

Blizzard is disabling Overwatch and HOTS lockbox purchases for Belgian players

Earlier this year, Belgium took up the anti-lootbox cause, becoming one of the first countries to investigate lockboxes in online games and ultimately threatening...
No, our wholly predictable problems!

Dota 2 apes Path of Exile with transparent lockboxes for Dutch players

Remember when the Dutch gaming authorities effectively threatened to prosecute prosecute companies like Valve for vending and trading lockboxes the government agencies considered a...

Three quarters of European gamers don’t even understand what the heck lootboxes are

A new report on GIbiz suggests that most gamers are pretty darn clueless about lootboxes, which probably won't surprise anyone reading here. Researchers for the...
This is someone else's problem.

France’s gambling authority condemns but does not ban lockboxes

The international community is becoming aware of the problems of lootboxes, and that means that laws are being formed in response to the business...
This is obviously someone else's fault.

Valve turns off lootboxes in the Netherlands for DOTA 2 and CounterStrike: Global Offensive

If you were in any way hoping that the Dutch Gaming Authority's ruling about lockboxes would lead to a worldwide shift, it seems that's...