Dota 2 apes Path of Exile with transparent lockboxes for Dutch players

No, our wholly predictable problems!

Remember when the Dutch gaming authorities effectively threatened to prosecute prosecute companies like Valve for vending and trading lockboxes the government agencies considered a clear violation of Dutch law? The result of that, as we wrote earlier this month, was that Valve turned off all trading for Dutch players, and then turned it back on again with the caveat that Dutch CSGO players can’t physically open any of the boxes.

Dota 2 is another story: It seems Dota 2 has caught up to GGG’s Path of Exile in effectively offering players in the restricted region transparent lockboxes. As RPS reports, Valve didn’t mention this in the game’s patch notes, but here’s how it appears to work:

“When Dutchlanders now look at Dota 2’s loot boxes, which contain cosmetic items, the wizard ’em up simply tells them which item they would receive if they bought it. No hoping, no dreaming, no fancy animations or pounding drums as it shows you the fabulous prizes you could have won, just: chuck us a couple euro and you’ll get this hat for this wizard – wannit?”

The upside is that Dutch players could presumably just collect and export the transparent data to everyone else to calculate odds of getting whatever floozle is in demand today. The downside, Redditors argue, is that Dutch players have to buy boxes one at a time now, and opening them isn’t quite as thrilling. “So I paid £1.45 to make a spider look horrible,” RPS quips. Welcome to modern online games.

Source: RPS, Reddit
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