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Lord of the Rings Online tweaks War of the Three Peaks, talks more about classic server difficulties

The first post-release patch for War of the Three Peaks has hit Lord of the Rings Online, bringing a bundle of changes...

LOTRO Legendarium: Is LOTRO at war with Orcs – or with its playerbase?

Normally, I would be opening this column with my enthusiastic explorations of the brand-new content update for Lord of the Rings Online. After...
This was a television show.

Perfect Ten: A small sampling of literary offerings from MMOs

Salutations are in order once again for our most literate and eloquent readers of Massively Overpowered! I bid you welcome to our numerical column...

Lord of the Rings Online’s $20 quest pack, War of Three Peaks, launches today

It's a strange and uncertain new era in Lord of the Rings Online, as Standing Stone Games has moved to start selling quest...

Lord of the Rings Online’s paid fall quest pack is arriving ‘shortly’ as world transfers re-open

Lord of the Rings Online's fall DLC, which the studio is trying to market as a "mini-expansion," should be coming within the next...

Lord of the Rings Online brings back Durin’s Day through October 20

It's time to celebrate Durin's Day once again in Lord of the Rings Online, which the game announced will be running between now...

The Daily Grind: Are day and night cycles a good or bad thing in MMOs?

As I type this, I'm waiting on a video game to give me some daylight so I can snap a picture for another article...

Amazon just killed off another online game – this time it’s Crucible

Like Breakaway before it, Amazon's Crucible is over before it began. Before it began again. It really depends where you start counting....

Dungeons and Dragons Online gets even spookier for Halloween

While Lord of the Rings Online players will be waiting until much later this month to partake of their Halloween offerings, its...

Standing Stone, Daybreak, KingsIsle, and more MMO companies will fundraise for Extra Life 2020

The season of Extra Life is almost upon us, meaning all your favorite MMO studios are going to be dispatching their developers to...

Lord of the Rings Online tests missions, pushes back Halloween

It's shaping up to be a busy month over in Lord of the Rings Online, as yet another preview build of Update...

LOTRO Legendarium: Speculating on the Brawler class

You have to imagine that there's some frustration over at Standing Stone Games this past week. The studio wants us all to be focused...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO NPC deserves more screen time?

Many people know that I have a deep affection for Bingo Boffin in Lord of the Rings Online. The well-meaning but sometimes daft...

Lord of the Rings Online brings back Hobnanigans through October 4

Hobnanigans! Lord of the Rings Online! October 4th! That's about all the most recent tweet from the game promises, without providing you one...
Trot along.

PSA: Lord of the Rings Online has switched its payment processors – RIP Subway gift cards

You can no longer pay for things in Lord of the Rings Online via Subway gift cards. No, really. This is a thing....

Massively OP Podcast Episode 290: African expedition

Justin and Bree discuss Ultima Online New Legacy, Phantasy Star Online 2's New Genesis, LOTRO's new class, WoW and BlizzConline, The Wagadu Chronicles, and Secret World Legends, with adventures in WoW, Guild Wars, and City of Heroes, plus mailbag topics on representation in MMOs and favorite jumping puzzles.

Global Chat: Why is LOTRO charging for its fall update?

Roger over at Contains Moderate Peril recently ducked into the upcoming DLC for Lord of the Rings Online to see what it contained...

SSG confirms Lord of the Rings Online’s new Brawler class, presumably for Gundabad

After a little oopsie last week that allowed Lord of the Rings Online testers to witness a class name that they shouldn't...

One Shots: Amnesia and shipwrecks at level one

Utakata's shot of a "quiet earth" in Blade and Soul here is not from the starting area (I'm assuming!), but it definitely makes...

Rumor: Lord of the Rings Online’s next class might be the Brawler [Updated]

Sharp-eyed Lord of the Rings Online players seem to have discovered a big secret on the game's test server: the existence of a...