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The MOP Up: Osiris New Dawn’s terrifying space ghosts (November 19, 2017)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

Maybe you’ll discover a new game in this space — or be reminded of an old favorite! This week we have stories and videos from Dragon NestTERA MMabinogi MobileIcarus MSummoner’s WarStar Trek OnlineOsiris New DawnLord of Vermilion ArenaPUBGStardew ValleyWarframeOverwatchPath of ExileAstroneerKurtzPelRuneScapeDota 2Second Life, and Renaissance Kingdoms, all waiting for you after the break!

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Square-Enix sunsets Lord of Vermilion MOBA in June

We’re sorry to report today that Square-Enix is sunsetting Lord of Vermilion Arena. We first covered the MOBA, which was based on the Lord of Vermilion card game, almost exactly a year ago, just before it hit open beta in Japan.

The Google-translated official site says that “in view of the current state of the service situation” it is “difficult to continue” the game, and so it will end on June 30th, 2016. Purchases will end on May 26th, but the team is planning a final campaign toward the end of the month.

Source: Official site via Steparu. Thanks, Pepperzine!


Not So Massively: An amazing revamp for LoL’s Poppy (November 30, 2015)

Online gaming and e-sports are getting bigger by the day, and there are literally hundreds of popular online games out there that don’t really fit into the MMO category. Join me each week for Not So Massively, where I gather together the top stories from the biggest MOBAs, competitive card games, first person shooters, and other popular online games in one place.

League of Legends gave old champion Poppy a whole new set of amazing abilities this week that are sure to make for some fantastic replay moments. Path of Exile revealed a new skill that may give oldschool Diablo II players a touch of nostalgia. Star Citizen is extremely close to hitting the $100,000,000 mark thanks to its anniversary sale. Hearthstone revealed how ordinary players can work their way into its million-dollar 2016 world championship. Destiny will be getting an interesting new Challenge mode for raids, Dungeon Defenders II is getting a full server wipe on PS4 in just a few days, and Heroes of the Storm released its new Towers of Doom game battleground. We also heard the latest news from Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, Splatoon, Lord of Vermillion Arena, and Elite: Dangerous.

If there’s a game or story you’d like to see covered in next week’s Not So Massively, please drop us a tip and let us know.

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Betawatch: June 19th, 2015

You could be forgiven for sort of forgetting about The Division. No matter how much it might have interested you at first, the game kind of dropped off the radar for half of forever. But now it’s on track for a winter beta and a launch next year, and we found out a bit about the game from E3, like how you can hunt rogue agents. (We also got our hands on it on the show floor, which might have been to its detriment.)

In other news:

We also have our usual list of betas past the break. Is something amiss therein? Why, tell us in the comments!

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Lord of Vermilion: Arena is a MOBA CCG thing from Square Enix

Square Enix, come on down! You’re the next contestant on Make Your Own MOBA! Lord of Vermilion: Arena is based on the Lord of Vermilion CCG, and it’s scheduled to hit open beta in Japan on June 4th.

The beta will purportedly offer 15 new summons, a revamped tutorial, story mode content, and more. In terms of gameplay, MMO Culture boils it down to creating RPG-style characters, forming card decks with summons, and using said summons to fight. Lord of Vermilion: Arena features seven-vs.-seven battles.

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