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Chronicles of Elyria has three prologue experiences in the works, including a MUD

While the full MMORPG portion of Chronicles of Elyria may be a year and a half off (or more), the team is working hard at bringing not one, not two, but three early experiences for players.

The first will be an offline “prologue” with 22 feature areas with the purpose of testing several of the features that will go into the MMO. That will be followed by the web-based game Kingdoms of Elyria. Through this game, players will joust for power and help to shape the backstory of the game while also helping to test out the political system that will (yes) go into Chronicles of Elyria.

And believe it or not, but the final early experience will be an actual text-based multi-user dungeon called ElyriaMUD.

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The Game Archaeologist: Five eye-opening videos about the MMORPG genre

When it comes to tracking down history for MMOs, I’ve found that there are an array of sources at hand that have preserved (unwittingly or not) the past for us to discover today. It might be the news articles from long-running game sites, scans of magazine articles, old Usenet files, and especially interviews from those involved in the making and running of early titles.

Another great source, of course, is YouTube. If you’re ever curious about how a long-dead MMORPG looked and played while it was operational, you need only pull up archived videos to see them in action. Once in a while I’ll stumble over interesting videos that reshape how I’ve envisioned the decades during which developers and gaming pioneers formed what we now enjoy, and today I want to share five of those videos with you.

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Guest Interview: Lusternia, MUDs, and the evolution of MMOs

This guest interview was commissioned through Massively Overpowered’s 2015 Kickstarter campaign by donor Brett Richards, who interviewed Lusternia Producer Robb French in lieu of a Soapbox. Any opinions here represent the views of our guest interviewer and his interviewee, not necessarily Massively OP itself. Enjoy!

MUDs like Lusternia (official site) get little love in the MMO community but are still wildly popular among a select group of players as one of the last bastions of text-based gaming. I credit Lusternia for helping me survive and overcome quite a dark period of depression and self-doubt in my younger days. I believe that the immersive world and wonderful players I’ve met there provided me the freedom to experiment with and eventually express parts of my identity with an online persona that I couldn’t otherwise, not to mention improved my social and computer skills to no end. The self-awareness I developed through play has helped me become a healthier and more complete person in real life – or at least I hope so!

That’s why I’ve chosen to interview Lusternia Producer Robb French for my donated piece here on MOP. Let me slip into my alter ego, Elryn, to have a chat with Estarra, the Creatrix of the Multiverse known as Lusternia.

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