SWTOR is launching Showdown on Ruhnuk with new planet and PvP overhaul by the end of the year


During its livestream last night, BioWare revealed Star Wars The Old Republic’s next big thing: Game Update 7.2, Showdown on Ruhnuk, launching “winter 2022.” Here’s what to expect:

  • The story revolves around a new planet called Ruhnuk, “a dry, arid, and plateau-based planet” that’s hidden away in a “unique nebula” and peppered with old mining facilities and the ruins of ships. The three-mission story content itself is focused on Heta Kol and the Mandalorians, who are using a mining area as a base. Other new and returning characters include Bask Sunn, Ri’kan Kateen, Akaavi Spar, Torian Cadera, Lane Vizla, Kur Har’angir.
  • Ruhnuk has a dailies set that includes the requisite rep track – Mandalorian Trat’ade on Ruhnuk – as well as Mando Relic Missions and rewards, including titles in the Mando’a language.
  • PvP is getting some love to boost the “participation and quality of PvP matches and support rewarding incentives that encourage positive behavior.” BioWare will move PvP to a two-queue system (4×4 and 8×8), delete ranked PvP, remove the restrictions on non-subbers, and add a PvP seasons reward track with buffs for subbers. Finally, there’s a new PvP map called Onderon Palatial Ruins. Right now, BioWare is hoping for three seasons a year.
  • There are also tweaks for gear, a new colorblind mode, improvements to maps and tooltips, UI customizations, Book of Boba Fett-themed cash-shop gear, and new items for Life Day.

“Our Public Test Server will be set to open soon,” BioWare says, and it probably really means it as it’s got only seven weeks and change before it misses that winter 2022 window.

Source: Twitter
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