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No, not like this.

A gamer was killed after witnessing a robbery whilst playing Pokemon Go

So, yes, let's just open this story by acknowledging that this is horrible. Nobody wants to be murdered over a video game, but Cayla...

The Soapbox: Three augmented reality game problems (most) MMOs don’t have – and one thing they do so much better

I'd like to think that I'm kind of a healthy gamer. While MMOs take a lot of time, the nice thing is that...

A Virginia gamer was shot and killed playing Pokemon Go last week

According to Chesapeake, Virginia, news, a 60-year-old resident was shot and killed by a security guard while playing Pokemon Go last week. The victim, Jiansheng...
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Pokemon Go: Halloween, another death in Japan, and dailies

Kotaku has reported another death associated with Pokemon Go. Citing an article in Japanese-language Livedoor, the site says that a truck driver...
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Nonprofit group says Pokemon Go discourages suicides in Japan

Let's stop fussing over what Pokemon Go is being dragged into court over and focus on something it's apparently, if inadvertently, doing...
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Nintendo sends condolences to family of woman killed by Pokemon Go-playing driver

In yesterday's Pokemon Go post, we alluded to an awful car accident in Japan caused by a truck driver who admitted to playing...
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Pokemon Go: The San Francisco murder, the Iranian ban, and Twitch’s cheater crackdown

Pokemon Go has now been out for a whole month. Here's a look at the app's news from the weekend: The Guardian reports...

Pokemon Go: Building bridges, crashing cars, and whitehat hacking

I almost start to worry about Pokemon Go when we have only a few stories to report and not so many that I...
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Pokemon Go: Land mines, crashing into cop cars, language, and fads

Another day, another round of wild Pokemon Go stories from across the globe. Let's kick it off with this story from the Guardian: