record of lodoss war online

There’s no official English website for this game as of December 2015.

Record of Lodoss War Online launches global version, adds Sweet Elf Shaman

How many times can an MMO launch? With Record of Lodoss War Online, who really knows? The anime game came out in the east this past April and the west in June. Apparently there’s been a change of operators since then, as Game and Game has taken over from L&K, requiring players to transfer accounts to retain their progress.

It also means that there’s a unified global version of Record of Lodoss War Online, which launched on August 31st. The dev team said that this relaunch should improve the latency and connection issues that some players may have experienced.

Along with the global release and launch events, the MMO has also added a new playable class, the Sweet Elf Shaman. Yes, Sweet Elf. She’s both 18 years old and 180, because looking youthful shouldn’t get in the way of AARP discounts. The Shaman can eventually level up into either an Elementalist or Ranger depending on the player’s choice.

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Record of Lodoss War Online is now playable in the West

Do you ever wish that more imported games would just launch without fanfare? Record of Lodoss War Online has apparently done just that; Gravity Interactive announced its launch in the West last week without fanfare or much flare. Heck, it’s without even much in the way of a fleshed-out site, as the official site is still missing a gallery and in many places is still referring to another game. But it’s there!

For those following along at home, Record of Lodoss War Online is an MMO based on the eponymous anime, which concerns itself with a band of humble adventurers overthrowing an evil overlord. You know, as you do. You’ve got the usual lineup of fantasy characters and races, but if that’s your cup of tea, you can try that out today. Probably.

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Record of Lodoss War Online is launching this week

Following a short closed beta test, Record of Lodoss War Online will be launching this week on April 6th.

Record of what now? There’s no shame in your blank look as news on this title has been quite sparse over the past couple of years. Record of Lodoss War Online is a Japanese-developed and Korean-published MMO based on the titular anime series (which was in turn inspired by Dungeons & Dragons).

Record of Lodoss War Online bills itself as a “classic MMORPG” in which players will defend the island of Lodoss by taking up the arms of one of 12 classes. Even the controls are kind of bare-bones, with most of the action taking place via mouse.

You can check out the teaser trailer and character skill introduction video after the break to see if this might be worth a look!

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Record of Lodoss War Online is launching in 2016

Record of Lodoss War Online is old-school. It’s meant to be old-school. The IP that it’s referencing is old-school, its gameplay mechanics and graphics are meant to be old-school, the long stretches of radio silence regarding the title are old-school. Also generally unwelcome by fans. So there’s reason to be happy that the game will apparently be launching at some point in 2016.

The launch will be in Korea, although the title was originally meant for Japanese players, and there’s no word on any sort of localization. Only time will tell if it does well enough to be considered, although one can’t imagine that potential publishers are tripping over themselves for an old-school title based on an anime series from two decades ago. Perhaps we can hope!

Source: RocketNews