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Riot Games places exec on leave while investigating awful social media post

Nobody's surprised to learn that the corporate culture at the tippy-top of Riot Games still has "bad apples," right? After the huge sexual harassment...

Plaintiffs in the Riot Games class action discrimination lawsuit take up new counsel, withdraw settlement plans

A new chapter in the Riot Games legal drama has begun to be written. In August 2019, the class action discrimination lawsuit filed...
To most people, that's actual money.

Riot Games will pay $10 million to settle its ‘bro culture’ gender discrimination lawsuit

Back in August, the LA Times reported that Riot Games had agreed to settle the class-action discrimination lawsuit lodged against it. The suit...

League of Legends tells casters and pro players to avoid ‘sensitive issues’ at the World Champs

So Riot's not having a good week with the whole China thing either. While the League of Legends studio was able to successfully fend...
Well well well, how the turntable.

Riot settles class action discrimination lawsuit as victims claim victory

Last year, Kotaku published a brutal exposé of Riot Games’ culture, replete with sexual harassment and sexual discrimination problems. In response, Riot promised...

MMO Business Roundup: Riot’s diversity ‘progress’, NetEase’s esports arena, DayZ down under, and Twitch threats

Welcome back to another roundup of what's going on in the business of making online games! Let's start with the most controversial of the...

California says Riot Games is refusing to fully cooperate with its gender discrimination investigation

The Riot sexual harassment and gender discrimination fiasco is coming up on its anniversary this summer, and from a legal perspective, it's only just...
Less than punchy.

Riot Games isn’t budging on labor dispute even after employee walkout

As we've previously covered, employees of the League of Legends studio Riot Games walked out last week in protest over the company's...

Riot Games developers did indeed walk out in protest last night over the ongoing labor and lawsuit fiasco

On Friday, we reported that Riot Games' latest efforts to stave off a walkout at the popular League of Legends company were likely to...

Riot says it will allow arbitration opt-outs, eventually, but it probably won’t stave off the walkout

The continuing fiasco that is League of Legends' Riot Games continues today, though today's update is a good sign for workers at least....
It lurks.

Riot Games acknowledges employees planning walkout over company culture

Over the weekend, we once again covered the continuing fiasco that is League of Legends' Riot Games, when as Kotaku first reported,...
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Riot is trying to divert its employees’ gender-discrimination lawsuit to arbitration

Hoo boy. Just when it was starting to look like the seemingly interminable saga of Riot's sexual harassment and gender discrimination scandal couldn't...

Riot tackles toxic corporate culture with updated company values

In the wake of the gender-discrimination and sexual-harassment scandal that has plagued Riot Games for the past year -- which last month...
This is what we were really missing.

Riot suspends COO for gross sexual jokes involving farting and touching subordinates’ genitalia

More bad news coming out of Riot Games this week. Kotaku reports that Riot employees have been told COO Scott Gelb is being...

League of Legends’ Riot Games is now being sued for gender discrimination as sexism scandal continues

The Riot Games sexual harassment scandal has been raging for a tumultuous three months -- or longer, depending on how you look at...
Dragon Age.

The LA Times investigates Riot Games’ ‘boys’ club’ sexism problem, ESPN reports Riot staff ‘departures’

If League of Legends company Riot Games thought that the Rockstar crunch conversation was going to eclipse Riot's sexism predicament,...

Riot Games hires former Uber exec to advise on still-raging sexism scandal

Earlier this week, League of Legends developer Riot Games announced that it has hired the services of former Senior Vice President of...
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Riot Games says it’s proud of workshops designed for women and non-binary prospective devs

Online gaming watchers will recall that League of Legends studio Riot Games has sustained heavy fire this summer over sexism and misogyny...

Riot Games vows sweeping corporate culture changes in response to piles of sexism allegations

League of Legends studio Riot Games is in the news again, this time in relation to the ongoing sexism scandal going on...
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Extensive Kotaku exposé uncovers a ‘culture of sexism’ at League of Legends developer Riot Games

The internet is ablaze over an in-depth report at Kotaku that uncovers a "culture of sexism" that is allegedly running rampant through Riot...