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Whatever happened to EA’s 3v3 arena shooter Rocket Arena?

Do you remember Rocket Arena? It was a 3v3 arena shooter all about firing rockets at one another (surprise), though it was less about...

The MOP Up: Overhit sunsets in Korea

Nexon's Overhit is fading quickly from the mobile MMO scene. Its global servers were shut down earlier this year, leaving only the Korean and...

The MOP Up: Elder Scrolls Online’s Stonethorn DLC arrives on consoles

Good news for the patient and long-suffering Elder Scrolls Online console players: The game's latest DLC and patch have finally arrived following the PC...

EA’s 3v3 arena shooter Rocket Arena launches on July 14

Yep, there's another multiplayer team-based shooter on the horizon, but the catch with the upcoming Rocket Arena is that everyone wears rocket packs and...

Nexon’s PC and mobile consolidation ends up with employee layoffs after all

It looks as if rumored efforts to merge PC and mobile divisions weren't just rumors, and according to Gamasutra, the company has closed two...

Fight or Kite: First impressions of Nexon’s new multiplayer shooter Rocket Arena

Nexon's new crossplatform multiplayer shooter Rocket Arena came out of nowhere last month and surprised everyone with a closed beta this past week. It's...
One last round.

Betawatch: World of Warcraft Classic’s beta testing has officially begun again

If you tested World of Warcraft back before it launched, this week's surprise launch of the World of Warcraft: Classic beta test might spark uses of...

Nexon announces new crossplatform multiplayer shooter Rocket Arena, with closed beta in May

So this Nexon game came a bit out of nowhere this week: It's called Rocket Arena, and it's essentially a slick multiplayer shooter with...