ubisoft scandal

Former Ubisoft execs and employees were detained by French police over sexual misconduct allegations

It looks as if the French authorities are moving against Ubisoft employees who were among those accused in the studio's wide-reaching sexual misconduct exposé....

Ubisoft Montreal employees accuse studio of lying about work-from-home policies as an RTO mandate begins

There is an upswell of anger amid the workers at Ubisoft Montreal, the developer of such titles as For Honor and Roller Champions. Most...

Skull and Bones loses yet another creative director as union assembles over labor conditions

With Skull and Bones now in closed beta testing after a half dozen significant delays, it's smooth sailing ahead for this frequently delayed pirate...

Ubisoft’s Singapore studio cleared of wrongdoing, Ubisoft exec claims users ‘don’t get’ its Quartz NFTs

Least we forget, Ubisoft is a studio that is mired in its own controversies, with a sexual harassment scandal that broke in 2020 that...
It's important to tune these things.

Ubisoft offers pay raises to stanch losses as workers rally public support for change

One has to imagine that the suits at Ubisoft were secretly delighted that Blizzard's scandal this year took the public's attention away from its...
Nope, not letting this one go.

Ubisoft devs continue to report harassment and mismanagement in spite of corporate claims

Last year, Ubisoft was thrown into the spotlight thanks to reports of a sexually harassing work culture, which prompted the studio to shed several...
What and what?

Ubisoft’s sexual harassment and racism scandal extended to Skull & Bones studio in Singapore

We realize that Activision-Blizzard's horrifying sexual misconduct and discrimination lawsuit stole all the headlines last night and will probably dominate the news cycle for...

Ubisoft faces sexual harassment lawsuit from French game workers union

Ubisoft's uncovered problem with widespread sexual harassment is (rightfully) not a finished matter. The Solidaires Informatique, a French game workers union, has officially filed...
Nope, not letting this one go.

Ubisoft doc suggests toxic management has contributed to loss of talent and image

That headline might read like "water is wet" news, but the actual statements made are part of Ubisoft's own Universal Registration Document, a mandatory...