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Raining outside? Sidewalks covered in snow? Better run out and play… Pokemon Go!

It’s an interesting time to be a Pokemon Go player. Niantic’s put out two events that greatly reduced the game’s grind and setting community goals, granting regional ‘mon back-to-back. But the company still seems susceptible to weird missteps in its progress, and the latest news only reinforces that reality. Not only is the company slowly releasing new Pokemon later this week, but it’s rolling out changes that ensure real-life weather affects the game.

While Niantic (wisely) didn’t mention whether fires, sandstorms, or lightning are included in the new mechanics, effects like sun, rain, and snow are, which still might seem like a bad idea if you live in a place that has seriously bad weather. Depending on the weather, you may see more Pokemon that fit in with the environment (and you’ll snag some bonus stardust) while you’ll also find that relevant move types increase in damage. In other words, Niantic is incentivizing you to play Pokemon Go in terrible climate conditions. Even fog is included, and while I’d love to see more mysterious Pokemon spawning in my fog-heaven-hometown, maybe enticing out-of-towners who aren’t used to driving in it at 3 a.m. with rewards isn’t the best idea Niantic’s ever had.

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Chronicles of Elyria forecasts mud and snow, takes fans on a run through a mine

Big talk and intriguing ideas continue over at Chronicles of Elyria, where the team is giving players a vision of what the MMO’s weather system might look like as the game progresses through the seasons.

“Now that some new systems are in place to handle the environmental effects in the world, Heat has been providing some visual targets for our Environment team to hit,” the team said. “Keep in mind, that Chronicles of Elyria will have a weather system and seasons that will produce what you see below as you play. Of note, muddy roads and snow banks will affect travel and increase strain on people and vehicles that dare to venture outdoors.”

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial in the delivery department, the devs also posted a video that takes viewers on a tour through the prologue’s Silver Run Mine. The walkthrough comes with developer commentary, which makes it worth watching to hear about the design philosophy and all of the elements that will be used in the greater game. Check it out after the break!

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RuneScape embraces expansion model and announces in-game weather

At this past Saturday’s RuneFest, Jagex made several major revelations concerning RuneScape’s development and future. The decisions were made following a player survey asking fans what features they wanted to see added to the game in 2017.

Jagex said that it will be adopting an expansion model for the game going forward. These are cost-free content updates that are much larger than the standard updates: “We’re talking about a whole area or region released on a single day, packed with a wide array of quests, combat and skill training. In current terms, it would be like us bundling together several updates, giving them a central theme and releasing them all at once.”

Of great interest to the crowd was the announcement that full weather systems are coming to the game. The devs promise that this weather will be more than just a changing backdrop; weather can and will connect with the gameplay experience.

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Children of Ur adds localized weather

What’s the weather going to be like today in your game?

You might just have to ask this if you’re apt to play Children of Ur in the future. The Glitch remake has just patched a weather system into its alpha build. The interesting twist? “Weather in different hubs is based on real cities around the world.” It’s not clear which real-world cities will be tied to which hubs.

The Alpha 1.4.4 update included a few other small items, including edible eggs, resizable chat windows, plenty of bug fixes, and a full range of assets delivered to Wintry Place (in case of sudden blizzard with the new weather system, we assume).