LOTRO kicks off 10th anniversary celebration, more musical retrospectives

It might not be Lord of the Rings Online’s technical birthday quite yet, but the 10th anniversary celebrations are all ready underway as of today. Players can go on the first part of the brand-new scavenger hunt quest series right now and pick up their birthday gifts later in the day.

In response to concerns that the gift boxes didn’t initially impress, Standing Stone said that there’s more to this anniversary than meets the eye: “When developing for our 10th anniversary, we made a decision to focus on both items and content. What this means is that the 10th anniversary has far more playable content associated with it than any other anniversary we’ve had. We also have more than thirty items available in the scavenger hunt. We appreciate the feedback on the gift boxes themselves, though. I would caution that I’d wait until you see the fireworks before passing judgement, though, as they are pretty sweet.”

Meanwhile, former composer Chance Thomas continues to share his top 10 fan favorite pieces of music from the game on the official channel and has hinted that there will be a “surprise announcement” when the countdown reaches number one.

Thomas handled much of the game’s acclaimed soundtrack, including the base game, Mines of Moria, and Riders of Rohan scores. He was not called back to work on the Helm’s Deep expansion or subsequent Gondor updates, and so some players are speculating that this announcement will concern his triumphant return for this year’s as-yet-untitled Mordor expansion. Check out the next two entries in his musical countdown along with Thomas’ notes on what makes these pieces special!

“Over the years, I’ve had a number of players write to me and share their experience of coming upon Rivendell and hearing this music for the first time. So many have thrilled to the look of Rivendell in the game, and to the sound of its music. Positive feedback like this from LOTRO’s players has always been deeply satisfying to me. I worked a long time on this particular theme. It had to be just right, not just in the melody, but in the orchestration, the recorded performances, the mix. I wrote this theme long before the movies came out, vividly envisioning Rivendell from Tolkien’s descriptions in the literature. Ah, those were the days…”

“I have a good friend who is an accomplished screenwriter and author. When he wants to get serious about his writing, he pulls this song out and goes to work. I still remember the first time he told me that, I was so surprised and flattered. I didn’t understand the connection at first. But the more I thought about it, the more it makes sense. Getting to work is what this song is all about. Learning to ride mounts for the first time in the game, working at it, practicing, and finally mastering mounted gameplay with the joy of riding across the plains of Rohan. Now that’s what it’s all about!”

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Matthew Yetter

I’m surprised and a little disappointed that there’s no 10 year character portrait.

Tom Johnson

I got a portrait. Hopefully you have yours now as well!

Melissa McDonald

this calls for lots of gaming with Led Zeppelin and Blind Guardian and of course, the Howard Shore score for Fellowship of the Ring, particularly. :)

odin valhalla

I’m genuinely curious as to an estimate of how many people still play lotro? Not a negative cynical question just genuine curious. I recall logging in a few times around the server merger to look at my stuff and the smaller servers were dead. I’ve heard that the mergers were successful in terms of consolidating the players.


Not sure about other servers, but on Landroval, there is a very healthy population.


There is no such thing as “smaller servers”. They all have healthy populations now and there are plenty of people around. Plenty. I have characters spanning a range of levels from 20 to 105 on two different servers and I see other players wherever I go. LFF channel is constantly busy. 3 years ago was a different story. It was very empty in 2014, but not now. I’m not sure how anyone can say the servers are dead or even quiet, because I always see lots of activity. Further consolidation would be the death of the game because their technology can’t even handle the population we have now. Lag and “reduced awareness” (as Lotro calls it) is frequent and game impacting at all levels.

Melissa McDonald

Bree is still got a few dozen folks running around at peak hours on Landroval, it’s the RP server. There’s 3 or 4 of them with reasonable populations. I half-wish they’d consolidate it to one and then we’d see a busier world.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

this year’s as yet untitled Moria expansion

I think you meant this year’s Mordor expansion?

Curious to see what all they have in store for us. Oh, and griping that a gift isn’t very good? That’s just rude.

Kickstarter Donor
Patreon Donor

I am sure those folks are a joy to be around during the Christmas holidays and birthdays /sigh I am looking forward to seeing all the things too, good times :-)