Scope out the first three Chronicles of Elyria player tribes

Last week, Soulbound Studios began its informational rollout of Chronicles of Elyria’s tribe system, which would be a race system in any other game but is far more complicated than that here, since instead of influencing your passive attributes, your tribe (and your parents) will more specifically dictate your early survival skills, languages, movement, and character creation bits.

In line with a loose schedule, the studio has posted deep-dives for three tribes so far: the dwarf-like Hrothi, the hulking Brudvir, and the Neran — the most like boring ol’ humans. Each is worth a look as they all read more like anthropology reports than anything; there’s a chunk of lore, history, plus ads and disads, how they worship and educate, and even what they eat.

The team also did a Q&A session on YouTube answering questions (again, chiefly on tribes, biomes, languages, and related bits) from the community, and it’s worth it just to witness Caspian’s impressively absurd level of understanding of the detail of the Elyria world, so check that out too.

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I hope they can maintain this level of uniqueness despite the enviable cries for “balance”. I’m looking forward to trying this game out someday.

flamethekid .

I heavily doubt there will be such a thing for balance since everyone is gonna be unique at the end of the day.

if anything you are gonna have people suiciding off mountains and cliffs in order to rebirth themselves