Neverwinter devs wrangle a mess of systems design questions

Ever want to pick the brain of a systems designer behind one of your favorite MMORPGs and get the deeper, more complex answers behind those bothersome questions? Plenty of Neverwinter players did just this when the Cryptic team showed up for an AMA a couple of days ago.

A great deal of the discussion and attention was given to the different classes and combat, so don’t expect to hear a lot about upcoming content for the game in this thread. Still, it’s worth rooting through if you’re very familiar with the game, because it might just touch on one of the classes you’re playing.

The team said that regeneration is on a “shortlist” to buff up in the future and that “tackling player power issues” (especially in regards to the faltering Trickster Rogue) is next up on the list. But perhaps one of the most intriguing entries had to do with a dungeon group meta that’s sweeping the game in which players are bringing two tanks, two Clerics, and only one DPS to dominate instances.

The team members said that they’re aware of this strategy’s popularity: “One of the big problems here is the way that buffs and debuffs work in our game. Both of the Cleric paragon paths have just enough unique buffs/debuffs that it’s worth running both of them to maximize efficiency. While we would like to move away from this, it’s a large task and we don’t really want to nerf Devoted Clerics without having other options available.”

Source: Reddit
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Not sure I understand the title to this piece. Even with “mass” instead of “mess” it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Is “wrangle a mess” really what was meant?

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Yup, game is still bullshit.