Master x Master teases a new master arriving… probably

“Hey, what do you mean by ‘probably’ in the title there, buddy?” you ask, squinting at the computer and staring at the headline above. “What could the latest teaser for Master x Master just past the break possibly be about if not that?” And the answer? We don’t really know, but the teaser in question makes the bold decision of not mentioning the new character, not showing the new character, not even explaining anything about the new character aside from displaying a resurrection effect probably belonging to the new character.

So let’s be real here, it’s probably not a teaser for a particularly good brand of hot sauce. But it’s unclear what the new character is actually going to be aside from “someone who revives people.” Here, take our word for it, jump on past the break and watch it for yourself. It’s only half a minute long, we suspect you can spare the time.

Source: YouTube
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William Tweed

Numina or gtfo