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One Shots is a Massively Overpowered feature in which we highlight cool MMORPG screenshots from readers. You can send your screenshots into us at [Follow this feature’s RSS feed]

One Shots: A horse and his old boy

As much as I admire the world that J.R.R. Tolkien built and his insane attention to detail, language, and extensive back histories of completely made-up races, I’ve always thought that his decision to name Gandalf’s horse “Shadowfax” felt too much like something straight out of a high schooler’s fan fic novel. Even when I was younger, I thought the name was a little dopey, even more so for how much Gandalf just goes on and one about how wonderful this horse is.

Reader Yrys made my week that much more awkward by shoving Shadowfax from Lord of the Rings Online in my face while I stammered and tried to think of something to fill the silence. “I LIKE YOUR COAT,” I said way too loudly. “IT IS VERY WHITE AND GLOSSY. WHAT DIET ARE YOU ON? ER, DO HORSES READ THE COMMENTS SECTION ON THE INTERNET? I HOPE NOT!”

I am not good in awkward social situations.

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One Shots: A home away from home

If you were to move into an MMO for real, where would you live? I posed this question last week to the One Shots community, and those faithful screenshotting madmen and madwomen did not let me down with their responses.

DigitalQ says that Lord of the Rings Online leaves all other prospective homesteads in the dust: “I think this is a lovely spot to live out my RPG days. But I have to be honest: This is almost an identical screenshot of where I live now. A huge flock of geese are landing on the water as I’m typing this..and we actually call our home The Shire. It is a little slice of heaven on earth.”

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One Shots: A lovely holiday

If you were a dragon, what kind of dragon would you be? Perhaps you’d go traditional, with the whole “giant world-devourer” aspect. Maybe you’d be made out of odd things, like ice cube trays or old abandoned AOL install CDs. It’s even possible that you could be the type of magic dragon that lives by the sea and helps imaginative children before eating them.

Frank was on a lovely holiday in Final Fantasy XIV when he encountered this charming little thing. “Most of Azys Lla imparts an otherworldy impression but few are as fierce as Tiamat,” he wrote. The message and his right hand were all that remained after this encounter. Poor Frank.

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One Shots: Postcards from the universe

I am not above indulging in a little universe window shopping now and then. NASA’s pictures of the universe might be touched up with extra colors and star destroyers for effect, but even so, the majesty is breathtaking. I’m glad that those developers doing space MMOs try to put in the effort to make spacescapes seem just as vibrant and picture-worthy.

Ben sent in this postcard from EVE Online: “Following your call for more Halloween event screenshots, here’s one from EVE Online’s Crimson Harvest event. Here’s my pilot Khorghast in the Phantasm-class cruiser Out for Blood fighting a few Blood Raider Cruisers in a Blood Raider Gauntlet site in the Badivefi system within the Khanid region. The nebula in the background is one of my favorites in the game, which is why I love roaming through the Khanid, Kor-Azor, and Tash-Murkon regions during these special events.”

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One Shots: A familiar familiar

If you’re going to go adventuring in an insanely hostile world wearing nothing but robes and supportive undergarments, then you best be compensated for that lack of protection in other areas. Magic shields, instant fireballs, and on-demand fireworks are a good start, but having a helpful familiar tag along and provide advice and limited air support is even better.

In our One Shots spooky edition headliner, Rafael had some fun dressing up for the holiday in Blade and Soul: “I waited for the Halloween event Blade and Ghouls to start and I wasn’t disappointed. Who new witches were friendly? Aww, her little pet lycan is even smiling.”

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One Shots: Devil’s Night

We had a tremendous response to last week’s call for Halloween screenshots from MMOs, and I’d like to encourage you to keep sending them in so that we can keep this party going for one more week!

Our headlining pic today comes from ReesRacer, who successfully infiltrated Elder Scrolls Online’s new Witches Festival: “As I prepared to assist Dringoth and his skeletal compatriots exact revenge upon the Worm Cultists in the Barrowbaugh, it seemed appropriate to summon the Witches Cauldron and polymorph into the Undead myself for the quest’s endgame. ‘When in Rome…'”

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One Shots: Always fall, never winter

Thank you to everyone who posted pictures of autumnal scenery from MMOs. It truly is one of the best seasons (the worst is Smarch… lousy Smarch weather!) and always makes me feel cozy and alive.

Qarran tips off things today with this shot from Blade and Soul: “Ah, the fall. Yes. One of my favorite times of year even in games. I just want sit in relax in Hogshead with these type of vistas. Blade and Soul excels at this type of stuff.”

With all of these leaves, has any MMO ever made a leaf pile that you can jump in and see explode? If not, why not? Get on that, developers!

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One Shots: Putting the band back together

One of the great things about MMORPGs is that you can live out fantasies that are otherwise unobtainable for you in real life. Financial success? Sure. A perfect, sculpted body? Why not. Incredible musical talent? Toss it in there, my friend!

ToyFuzion is living the dream in Black Desert: “I squealed with delight when I saw that player instruments (a guitar!) had been added recently. Before, you could rent them from NPCs and do mini-games with them, but their use was very limited. These can be played anywhere — even walk around with them! Had to get a screenie of my character and her clownie homies.”

Apologies if this adds to the “clown hysteria” sweeping the world right now.

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One Shots: The Guild Wars franchise, then and now

Any time I see someone post an MMO screenshot from older games, I feel like it benefits the historical record by adding another visible memory from classic games to the archive. So thank you to everyone who dug through their folders to find pictures from our “then and now” challenge.

Ralph the Wonder Llama takes the cake with his entry: “Back in the summer of 2005, I decided to give a new game called Guild Wars a try. My first character was a Warrior/Ranger named Sonja. I had envisioned her as a tall, nature themed, Nordic warrior who had traveled south from her homeland in search of adventure. Now it’s 2016, and I’m playing a Guardian in Guild Wars 2. She’s a tall Norn warrior named Sonja who has traveled south from her homeland in search of adventure. Funny how that worked out. Here are a couple screenshots from the city of Rata Sum, then and now. My, how the neighborhood has grown!”

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One Shots: Pining for the icy fjords

Isn’t it really disturbing when you’re playing one game and it completely reminds you of another title? Our brains make so many bizarre connections that after a while, I stopped questioning it and embraced the random insanity of it all.

Of course, if the other game that you’re reminded of happens to be part of the same series, then perhaps you’re justified in making a connection. Case in point, reader Derrick was tromping around in the frozen wastes of Elder Scrolls Online when he had this epiphany: “Wrothgar reminds me a bit of Skyrim with all the snow and ice wraiths.”

Snow and ice wraiths? Sounds like winter driving on Detroit highways to me!

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One Shots: Overcompensating

Holy moley, the Massively OP community came out in force to respond to last week’s “giant weapon” screenshot challenge. Most comments that I’ve seen in this column in quite a while! But can we top it?

Reader Tyler gets the honor of showing off his weapon that’s certainly not compensating for anything: “I saw your challenge for the week was giant weapons, and I knew my hour had come. Ever since Wrath of the Lich King I’ve been fond of the ‘fury rogue’ look. These are the weapons I used at the end of that expansion, Liar’s Tongue and the Bone Warden’s Splitter. I couldn’t bring myself to vendor them after Wrath, and from the moment transmog was introduced, they’ve been my go to weapon skins. It just fills my heart with joy to see my rogue whacking at enemies with an axe that’s almost as big as she is.”

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One Shots: Mobile MMO housing

Between the adorable visuals and the lunatic writing, Twin Saga might just win a visit from yours truly. Of course, the fact that it sports giant mobile turtle housing is an attractive factor as well.

“It’s safe to say Twin Saga nails the cute style,” Vexia sent in, “but I was impressed with how pretty it could be. This is the type of stylized look I’d expect from the likes of WildStar or World of Warcraft. I don’t have my own terracottage… yet! Maybe I will when this screenshot is posted in the future (greetings from the past!). Either way, seeing this NPC-owned one out in the wild made me want a terracottage of my own that much more.”

Forget the Massively yacht; we need turtle power!

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One Shots: Wonder Woman’s invisible motorcycle

I think I need to be more clear on my admittedly low standards for a One Shots submission. People, you need to actually show things in your picture. My imagination is rather stunted after years of the Cartoon Network and I can’t just “fill in the blanks” at your say-so. Case in point, Jake sent in this alleged picture from The Secret World in which he’s riding around on Wonder Woman’s invisible motorcycle.

“Back in December of last year I sent a tweet to the developers asking for roller skates so that I could make a roller derby-themed character and now that dream has come true!” Jake wrote. “And Kingsmouth is the perfect place for an afternoon skate; not a car to be found on the road to get in my way. Wheeee!!!”

Wait, he’s roller skating? Now this picture makes a lot more sense.

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