One Shots: Apparent trap


Against all odds, Scott found a doppelganger inside a fantasy world. And if movies have taught me anything, what follows will either be a horrific body snatchers invasion or a delightfully light-hearted swaparoo between families.

“This picture from Genshin Impact shows the problem with letting players use almost every NPC as a playable character – twins!”

Stormwaltz spent time in Elder Scrolls Online looking up at the heavens: “We moved back to our usual base of operations in Western Skyrim. Solitude greeted us with aurora over waxing moons. The commitment to detail in ESO’s skies is impressive. Not only do the stars twinkle, but the moons appear to be 3D models, allowing you to see details of their mountains and valleys along the limb of the terminator.”

If you’ve got an inspiring speech at hand, there will be no better time to use it. Solareus needs to get pumped up before heading into battle in Conqueror’s Blade Online. I mean, if it was me, I would stoop down to tie my shoes when everyone charges into the fight. Let them all get into the meatgrinder and I’d come up from behind and jump up and down trying to look over everyone. “Need any help?” I’d say. “Oh dear, that looks painful,” I’d say.

“It may not be a released game yet,” said the sage RimaHadley, “but the Blue Protocol benchmark has me really excited! I’ve already settled on a character design and have been busy screenshotting her in cool scenes from the benchmark video.”

Lucky Jinx is going to bring us back down to earth with our final shot, this one from World of Warcraft. What, you never heard of it? It was a thing back in your grandparent’s day. Go sit on their lap and ask them to regale you with stories of murlocs and kobolds.

Whether you’re full of high drama or low stakes, we’re interested to see your MMO adventures in the comments below! Make sure that you use proper grammar, annotate your sources, and successfully pass sixteen CAPTCHA tests for each picture posted. Or do whatever, I don’t care.

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!
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