One Shots: Who left the gas stove on?


So. This is awkward. I know everyone has an excuse why you were definitely not messing around with the giant’s gas stove in Blade and Soul, but logically one of you must have turned it on. And now it’s so bright and powerful that it’s acting like a jet turbine to propel this planet out of orbit. So fess up! Who did it? Tell us so that we can punish you before the world freezes over!

At least we can rule out Utakata, who exudes the very essence of innocence. And is quietly stuffing a few burnt matches back into an unobtrusive pocket.

Stormwaltz is having too much fun in Star Trek Online: “Janeway: ‘Commander, set a new course… there’s Mountain Dew in that nebula!’ …well, that’s a nice thought. Actually this is the Orion assault carrier Iltani, crewed by raktajino-quaffing Klingons under the command of Dahar Master Adja Kadi. (And the nebula, as it turns out, is actually full of Borg. Which will wake you up, but not in any way you’d enjoy.)”

And in a different galaxy not-so-far away, Hikari is buzzing the flight tower of some futuristic city: “Poking some of the less traveled areas in the Star Citizen PTU, finding some hidden gems.”


And if you’re looking for a — wait for it — fungi, let me introduce you to my friend Hurbster. “More mucking about with Reshade in Elder Scrolls Online. Actually getting on with Blackwood now, the writing has definitely taken a turn for the worse.”

But the mushroom soup has never been better!

And finally, I stumbled across a picnic in Lord of the Rings Online and decided to avail myself of its goods (including a giant uncut pumpkin, why not) while watching the sun rise. Somewhere, a Hobbit is going to be very disappointed that their meal got et.

Let’s join together and hold hands in the comments… actually, let’s not, because some people have sweaty palms. Instead, use those digits to punch that PRINT SCREEN key and get us some funky screenshots to use for next week’s column!

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!
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