Champions Online is fiddling with costume prices


Champions Online is still alive! How do we know? It’s fiddling with its cash shop prices come March 5th. A forum post explains the situation:

Starting on 3/5, we’re going to be re-aligning the prices of costume sets in the C-Store. Some will have their prices reduced, while others will be increased. Our goal with this is to match the dev work with the final price. Over the past five and a half years, our costume designers have raised the bar for costume set quality, and better costume sets take more work for us to produce. If you look at the detail and polish in their latest sets, it’s clear we’ve come a long way. These pricing changes allow us to keep spending more time and effort to make items that good.

Creating tiered prices also gives us more flexibility to make some sets more available to new players. A number of sets will have their prices cut down to 375 ZEN, so a new player who’s looking for something to try out will find the C-Store friendlier.

Older sets, like the Swamp King set, will see their prices go down, whereas “hyper-exclusive” sets like the Power Armor Bundle will be¬†1000 ZEN.

Community Manager¬†trailturtle further mentions that the Champs team is still discussing ways other PWE games give players more “bang for their buck,” like Star Trek Online’s first-time spender packs and Jade Dynasty’s spend-rewards weekends. “Stay tuned,” TT says.

The developers have opened up a feedback thread for player input.

[Update: TT has now posted the finalized price list for the costume pieces.] [Source: Champs forums. Thanks, JayBezz.]
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