The Secret World’s Bylos moving on, details 2015 plans


The Secret World game director Joel Bylos has posted a new update letter in which he says that the original name for the game’s upcoming Enhanced Player Experience was Enhanced Player Elite Enjoyment Nirvana, or EPEEN. Though Funcom’s higher-ups had other naming plans, the update is now live on the test servers.

Bylos then mentions ongoing work on Issue 11’s Orochi tower and the final chapter of the Tokyo storyline. The letter contains a blurb or two about Funcom’s 2015 TSW plans including “more issues in new locations,” a scenario update, more dungeons, and “even a bit of PvP.” Finally, Bylos mentions that he has “moved to a new initiative within the company,” and as such he has been slowly “handing off responsibilities to other members of the team.”

Bylos doesn’t give specifics on his new role, but he does say that the game director letter format will change and will henceforth be handled by Funcom’s senior community manager.

[Source: Dev letter; thanks Nordavind!]
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