Meet the MMO that lives in Second Life


Welcome to MMOception: an MMO within an MMO (or if you want to get technical, an MMO within a “virtual world”),

By using scripting and the tools available in Second Life, an enterprising team has fashioned an MMO that exists within that virtual world. Remnants of Earth is a “cyberpunk western” romp through a post-apocalyptic Earth in which players go on quests and uncover the world’s story. The game hews to tabletop RPGs with its mechanics, particularly with dice rolls and a heavy emphasis on roleplaying. A reading of the core rulebook is highly recommended to understand how to play, as this is not your typical MMO.

You can watch the trailer for Remnants of Earth below. It’s nothing if not moody and atmospheric!

[Source: Remnants of Earth via RPS]
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