Order and Chaos Online player distributes GM powers, havoc ensues


Imagine this scenario: An MMO player somehow gains access to a “DevBox,” a special set of tools that GMs and devs can use to manipulate the game world (such as spawn gold, move people around, etc.). Not only does the player start to go wild with this DevBox, but he or she makes copies of it and starts widely distributing these powers to other players, who also freely experiment with them.

That nightmare became reality¬†this past week in Gameloft’s mobile title Order and Chaos Online. Through these duplicated DevBoxes, players have flooded the world with ill-gotten goods and have¬†been screwing around with others’ game experience.

Gameloft performed an emergency hotfix yesterday to remove the DevBox exploit and vowed to investigate the matter. Players have reported that some who have messed with these tools have been banned.

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