Life is Feudal’s MMO test is finally underway

[AL:LIF]Early in 2016, we spoke to Bitbox about Life is Feudal, an ambitious sandbox that was scaled-down midway through development to be a “pocket” version of its planned MMO greatness. But the team didn’t abandon the MMO and has instead spent the first half of this year working on just that. And as of this week, the MMO part is finally getting off the ground.

“MMO servers are UP!” writes Bitbox. “Currently, we won’t be opening the beta servers up to anyone outside of our studio for now, but we will soon!” Players will be let in according to their backer and purchase status for different phases of the test, which added all together could run over a year.

There’s a bit of news for folks playing on the existing non-MMO portion of the game too:

“We would also like to inform you that, after much deliberation, we have decided to shut down our official LiF:YO servers this week. After all, ‘your own’ means your world, your rules and your personal play style; you guys should take the reigns and create your ultimate feudal world! We will, however, have official GM support for the MMO during the later waves of testing, and after the full launch!”

Source: Official site. Thanks, Craig!
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