‘Massively multiplayer’ mobile Avatar game in development


Despite coming out in 2009 and making more money than Scrooge McDuck, Avatar seems to have since slipped from the attention and interest of the entire world. Of course, that hasn’t stopped plans for four (!) sequels, theme park rides, and now a “massively multiplayer” game.

Kabam and Lightstorm Entertainment announced this week that they have been working on an Avatar mobile game for two years now with “one of the largest development budgets in mobile gaming history.” Players will use their smartphones or tablets to enter the world of Pandora and presumably make a sea of blue characters. In addition to aiming for a large online audience, the title will enjoy regular content updates.

While there is no public release date for the mobile game, the studio is aiming to get it out prior to Avatar 2’s debut in theaters in December 2018.

Source: Press release
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