No Man’s Sky’s procedurally generated rods, tools, and junk


One of the things that always drives me nuts (pun intended) about user-created content in video games is the automatic assumption people have that such content always, always, always means phallic symbols. For exhibit A, I give you the winner of last year’s blooper award for best worst MMO headline: LEGO Universe died on the sword of dong-detecting software.

But it turns out user-created content isn’t the only culprit in these crimes against gamer decency, as Kotaku writes today. The site has collated a series of critters — created at random through procedural generation, not by players or even mischievous developers — that look a little bit like, well, yeah. Some even have amusingly ironic names or “a gross squishy sound.”

The link is not safe for work, unless you have a really interesting job. Neither is this one: a whole tumblr dedicated to this phenomenon.

In more helpful and less snicker-worthy news, a Reddit poster on the No Man’s Sky sub credited the game with helping him deal with (and maybe even negate) his OCD tendencies in real life. Video games as therapy!

Source: Kotaku, Reddit. Thanks, I-Spy! Blame Eliot and Justin for the title.
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