Dungeon Fighter Online debuts streamlined seasonal server


Sometimes it is simply refreshing when an MMO has fun with its server rulesets to experiment with a different approach. If you’re on board with such experiments, then head on over to Dungeon Fighter Online, which today opened up a new seasonal server that will run through January 3rd, 2017.

This Master’s Realm server, as it’s being called, has stripped out questing along with “complicated parts of the game” to allow participants to focus on fighting and dungeon farming. Players will enjoy starting at level 17, faster leveling overall, more drops, and special buffs during the event. The server is also using “enhanced” monsters and some changes to its combat mechanics.

Following the conclusion of this seasonal server’s run, all characters will be transferred onto normal shards.

Source: Dungeon Fighter Online. ThanksĀ Colton!
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