Fortnite’s Wrecked season rolls in with a Wasteland biome and Fallout armor

Who's ready to rumble in the wasteland? Fortnite hopes it's you, as it launches the third season of Chapter 5, which it's calling Wrecked. "Ah,...

Albion Online shares its full schedules for Season 23 – including the plan for Albion Europe

For those of you who long to begin the blood-drenched path to mastery with Albion Online's Season 23, you should know that the path...
You know the joke is coming.

Zenith Infinite Realms rolls out its second season with Frostrealm

Yes, that header is not lying to you; the second season of Zenith: Infinite Realms will indeed feature the aurora borealis. At this time...

Skull and Bones hauls Season 1: Raging Tides to the surface

When you think about it, "Raging Tides" is an apt description of the unstable flow of Skull and Bones' gameplay these days. Ubisoft's pirate...

Skull and Bones’ first season arrives next week – here’s the trailer

Weathering a fierce barrage of mixed and negative reviews, Ubisoft's Skull and Bones is hoping to sail into more favorable waters next week when...

Halo Infinite ends seasons after season 5, switching to short-term operations instead

We certainly wouldn't tell anyone that she isn't allowed to give a game a title that implies infinity, but since doing so inevitably makes...

Sea of Thieves apologizes for delaying season 10 to October 19 as season 9 drags on

Bad news for the Sea of Thieves fanbase today, as Rare has delayed the game's 10th season rather significantly. Rare hadn't technically announced a date...

Blizzard attempts to mollify Diablo IV players threatening boycott over season patch

Diablo IV players are none too pleased about the game's patch this week, which rolled out ahead of the release of season one today....

Diablo IV’s first season will go live in July with a 90-tier battle pass

Worried that you might blow through all of Diablo IV's offerings in the first week of launch and be left sitting on your dismembered...

New World’s first season is now tentatively set for April 4

Following a delay of the previously planned release of Season 1, New World may be activating the event in the first week of April. Amazon...

Sea of Thieves teases fifth anniversary doc and Season 9 additions

Believe it or not, it was all the way back in 2018 that Rare launched its PvP pirate sim into rough waters. Since then,...
That's silly. You're silly.

Overwatch 2 brings Season 3 on February 7th, complete with crossover collaborations

Welcome to Overwatch 2's season 3! What are you hoping to get out of it? If your answer to the question is "the PvE...

MultiVersus postpones Season 1 launch to a later date along with the release of Morty

If you've been enjoying MultiVersus of late, you probably were excited for the kickoff of Season 1 complete with a full battle pass and...
Oh, all right, this is a thing.

Ubisoft assures fans that Roller Champions isn’t getting cancelled, just getting a longer season

Amidst the general bloodbath that Ubisoft unleashed on Friday, you could be forgiven for thinking that Roller Champions was also a game on the...

Babylon’s Fall extends its second season for three months to re-evaluate its future roadmap

Call us cynical, but we have the vague impression that all is not quite going according to plan when it comes to Babylon's Fall....
I'm sure it's a coincidence.

Classic WoW’s Season of Mastery attempts to boost the MMO’s challenge level

The testing for the new seasonal ruleset for WoW Classic is already underway, but what exactly is the Season of Mastery event meant to deliver...
Uh, no.

RIFT’s Typhoon of Doom battle pass goes live

Since RIFT has long since traded in actual content updates for seasonal battle passes, the start of a new cycle is as much a...

Wolcen’s Bloodtrail Chronicle update is live as a massive 12GB update

Remember when Wolcen announced that its first seasonal Chronicle, Bloodtrail, would be coming soon-  but didn't offer up a date? It turns out "soon"...
Saturday is also all right for fighting

Albion Online lays out its schedule and activities for the next season of guild warfare

Season 11 of Albion Online's competitive guild warfare is kicking off on December 5th, which means you'd best be prepared to fight for your right...

Diablo III has launched Season 21, Trials of the Tempests

Not that Diablo III was ever a calm and peaceful game at the best of times, but with the advent of Season 21, it's...