Fortnite’s Wrecked season rolls in with a Wasteland biome and Fallout armor


Who’s ready to rumble in the wasteland? Fortnite hopes it’s you, as it launches the third season of Chapter 5, which it’s calling Wrecked.

“Ah, the wasteland… the possibilities seem as vast as the grains of sand. So vast that the ‘Wasteland Warriors’ don’t want to give up control. This band of marauders brings a whole new meaning to scrappy crew — each one is an automobile expert who’ll tread on any rebellion,” the devs teased.

Season 3 adds a new desert-themed Wasteland biome in the south with a nitro refinery, a chaotic pit known as the Nitrodome, the Wasteland Warriors’ HQ of Brutal Beachhead, and plenty of nitro containers to give your character or car a jolt of hi-octane action. During the season, players can drive the new war bus, blow stuff up with the Boom Bolt crossbow, and fight new boss mobs. Even Fallout’s Nuka-Cola and T-60 power armor makes an appearance.

Epic also announced that it’s starting to let you turn SUVs into your equipped car, with certain models from Rocket League becoming cross-game eligible in the future.

Source: Fortnite
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