RIFT’s Typhoon of Doom battle pass goes live

Uh, no.

Since RIFT has long since traded in actual content updates for seasonal battle passes, the start of a new cycle is as much a call for celebration as anything this MMO is getting these days. So wake up, Ascended, because the sixth season is now live in the game and will run through March 18th.

Season Six: Typhoon of Doom makes some tweaks to daily and weekly quests that players do to progress in this reward track. Generally, these changes will make it much easier to accomplish certain goals and get those desirable shinies, which sounds like a good move to us.

There are free, premium, and patron rewards during this season, including angelic wings, artifacts, underwater mount training, a fractus jump, a mount, and a dimension kit (which revolves around a sky city theme, if you like your blimps and windmills).

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Scorp Gang

Rift was at one time the 2nd best(1B imo) MMORPG in existence. It’s so sad to see it become what it’s become. I don’t think People will ever fully realize how great it was. I hate reading coverage of it. Leaves me angry and bitter.


It is quite sad to see this game left to die at the hands of Gamigo.

I really wish that the company had sold Rift to a passionate and wealthy fan when they offered to buy it from their hands a few years back, I’m sure it’d have been in a better place now if that were the case.

Something else that always bothered me in regards to Rift: The dimensions systems (‘housing’) in Rift are pretty much the top of the MMORPG industry. I was always perplexed that neither Trion nor Gamigo leveraged the game’s creative community to have the players themselves create new Warfronts and Dungeons using the tech… All they needed would have been a curator to quality check and approve submissions, and they’d have a near limitless source of content with minimal expenses.


Consider that most dimensions started out as fully decorated chunks of the world and were then decorated with hundreds, if not thousands of items by the creator. Taking that and transforming it into a performant warfront that runs well on lower end systems isn’t trivial. The items exist to build your own warfront, but with no queue/entry system, and no rewards, they attracted very little attention.


I didn’t want to bloat the post with technical information, but yes, there would need to be some conversion processes that takes the object information from a player dimension (which is just a list of objects, their position, scale, and orientation), and run it through the proper world building tools for the game.

Straight up using the dimensions as-is would indeed be murder on performance, for a lot of reasons (no occlusion culling, etc.).

Obviously it isn’t perfect, as that’d require a proper environment artist and level designer using the proper tools and knowledge of how to design environments… but that costs money and a lot of time, so there is that.


TBH It died at the hands of Trion’s horrible management. They took on way more than they could chew and then went from a quality studio to another generic F2P money grubber that even tried to port a few Asian MMOs to line their pockets.

Jo Watt

I really enjoyed this game for a while up until it went F2P with the cash shop crap. Half guild dropped it and slowly died out and it’s been broken ever since. Really sad times.

I’ve tried to go back to it over the years because I really liked the soul system and many other aspects of the game. It’s just sad to see what this game has become. Lots of potential lost.



Kickstarter Donor

Since RIFT has long since traded in actual content updates for seasonal battle passes

And I traded in the time and money I spent in Rift for other games.

Yes, I will probably forever be salty at how Rift turned out over the years : (