RIFT’s Typhoon of Doom battle pass goes live

Uh, no.

Since RIFT has long since traded in actual content updates for seasonal battle passes, the start of a new cycle is as much a call for celebration as anything this MMO is getting these days. So wake up, Ascended, because the sixth season is now live in the game and will run through March 18th.

Season Six: Typhoon of Doom makes some tweaks to daily and weekly quests that players do to progress in this reward track. Generally, these changes will make it much easier to accomplish certain goals and get those desirable shinies, which sounds like a good move to us.

There are free, premium, and patron rewards during this season, including angelic wings, artifacts, underwater mount training, a fractus jump, a mount, and a dimension kit (which revolves around a sky city theme, if you like your blimps and windmills).

Source: RIFT
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