Sea of Thieves apologizes for delaying season 10 to October 19 as season 9 drags on


Bad news for the Sea of Thieves fanbase today, as Rare has delayed the game’s 10th season rather significantly.

Rare hadn’t technically announced a date for the season, but players were most definitely anticipating it soon, as we’re only a week or two away from marking what would be the longest-ever season the game has ever seen. And now, it’ll be more than two extra months on top of that, as season 10 has been pushed back to October 19th. That means season nine will have stretched on for seven months. Ouch.

“It’s not a decision we’ve taken lightly, and we share your disappointment that it’s something we’ve needed to do. However, after careful consideration, we firmly believe that it’s the best thing to do for the quality of the release, the sustainability of our development process and the wellbeing of our team. Those of you who caught the recent episode of our podcast will have heard us discussing the challenges of implementing new systems into a game like Sea of Thieves. These types of foundational releases are challenging to make, as we have to ensure they interact with all the existing systems in the game. One such challenge has been the Season Ten headline feature, which we’ve already talked about as something that we’ve found tougher than anticipated to pull together – especially to the quality bar we’re striving to meet.”

The upside is that a chunk of content originally planned for season 11 will launch partway through 10 instead.

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