Sea of Thieves’ Season Nine arrives with world event rebalancing


Patch ho! The ninth season of Sea of Thieves has sailed into port, bringing a whole slew of changes and adjustments. These include easier-to-find Reaper’s chests and bounties, expanded legend and captain voyages, more payment options for Outpost Companies, a captain’s logbook to track your deeds, and a rebalancing of the various world events.

“Whether you max out a galleon or go it alone as a solo slooper, you’ll find that world events (including returning ghost fleets) are now better scaled to match the strength of your crew, ensuring you have a fighting chance against anything the Sea of Thieves throws at you.”

A pro-tip for this patch is to look for any concentration of seagulls swirling around parts of the ocean, as this is a new way of telling where sunken ships and floating loot is waiting to be picked up by the daring pirate.

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