Embers Adrift welcomes The King’s Keep update with new trailer

Less drifty!

It’s patch time for the indie PvE MMO Embers Adrift, as the game updated on July 25th to include The King’s Keep. This content drop revolves around the new Exile King’s Quest but also includes a merchant to help players recover lost bag items, adjustments to NPC combat positioning, new armor visuals, and a polish pass for the Highlands zone.

Another interesting addition is a buff called well-traveled roads: “This month we are introducing well traveled roads which provide a +15 movement buff while traveling on them. This buff stacks with lay of the land and can be found in most zones north of the wall. Think of them as quasi-highways connecting monoliths and zone lines together.”

Late last month, Embers Adrift switched over to a buy-to-play model with an optional subscription. If you’ve picked up this title and are still playing, drop a note in the comments to let us know how it’s going!

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