Embers Adrift readies its buy-to-play shift with testing of subscriber features and new zone


The beginning of this month saw Embers Adrift decide to give up the subscriber-only drum-beating and switch over to a buy-to-play model with an optional sub that provides multiple benefits. Last week, QA testing of those benefits went online ahead of the patch’s release today in order for Stormhaven Studios to firm up what the haves and have-nots get access to.

The features themselves aren’t exactly new to those who read the earlier announcement, as the QA build tested the subscriber-only chat channel, access to five character slots, subscriber-specific emotes, enhanced ember ring healing for all when a subscriber is near said ring, and tiered access to storage, among other things.

On top of these features, the QA build opened up the first portion of the new Highland Hills zone, added improved UI features like a clearer quest log and better indicators for weapon positionals, and introduced the option to hide items that cannot be crafted. The patch also introduced multiple bug fixes on top.

These patch notes were once again the highlight of Embers’ latest community video digest, along with answers for a few questions from chat and an explanation of how the game’s map works. Here, CM Elloa explains that there is no personal tracking or indicator of where you are on the map itself, as players are forced instead to note their position when they’re at ember rings and use the giant planet in the sky as a north star. “At first you will be lost, but after a while you will know the zone very well, and you’ll be able to guide everyone else. And it’s going to be epic,” said Elloa in the video.

Patch notes are up! Patch trailer too:

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