Diablo IV’s first season will go live in July with a 90-tier battle pass

Studio vows cosmetic-only cash shop


Worried that you might blow through all of Diablo IV’s offerings in the first week of launch and be left sitting on your dismembered thumbs after that? It sounds like you shouldn’t be worried (except about your thumbs, maybe go to urgent care, yeah?), as Blizzard has ambitious plans to support the upcoming online ARPG in four key categories (and make some money in the process, of course).

To the surprise of no one who played Diablo III, Blizzard has seasons planned for IV, with the first one set to go live in July. “Seasons will introduce fresh concepts and ideas into the world of Sanctuary, for all wanderers to enjoy while simultaneously iterating upon your baseline experience,” the studio said.

Guiding players through these is the season journey UI, which is also tied in with the hybrid free-and-paid battle pass. There are 27 free and 63 premium tiers of cosmetics and other items stocked in this seasonal battle pass, with the paid version costing either $10 or $25 depending on how much of it you want to skip.

Finally, Blizzard gave a peek at its cash shop, vowing that it’ll contain only cosmetic, aesthetic gear to “reinforce your character’s fantasy.”

Diablo IV’s “server slam” stress test is scheduled for this weekend from May 12th through 14th on all platforms.

Source: Diablo IV
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