Wayfinder officially delays its closed beta, again, now to May 24

Strike a pose and all that.

Yesterday, we covered a second delay to Wayfinder’s global closed beta. Today, we’re covering a third, as Airship Syndicate has formally bumped the test run another two weeks to May 24th “after a comprehensive evaluation” of the problems the studio had with its in-development looter shooter last night.

“Expanding this test from North America to the entire world is no small task,” the studio says. “Since announcing our May 10th beta date, we’ve been working to ensure everything is in place to get players in and gather the critical data that these tests provide. Simultaneously, we’re also preparing the game for Early Access, which means we are preparing two large milestones at once with a relatively small team for a game of this scope.”

“During the final preparations and before any invites were sent, we discovered substantial connection and matchmaking issues. We faced a critical decision: launch the beta with potential disconnects and matchmaking errors or delay to address these issues. The team worked extensively over the last few days to try and solve these issues and while we had hoped for a quick fix, it’s clear now that we need a more comprehensive solution and extra time to deliver a stable and smooth experience for our players, while fulfilling our testing needs for accurate and usable data.”

Worth noting is that the studio also addressed the game’s rather hefty NDA, which is still very much in place. “We’ve said from the start, these tests and betas are genuine learning opportunities for our team and not marketing events, hence our NDA,” the team writes. “We will continue to work with this philosophy and when we feel the game is in a great state, both in gameplay and server stability, we will lift the NDA.”

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