The Daily Grind: What MMO musical tune annoys you the most?

Because we are no longer friends.

The worst part of going through World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is the inn music. I don’t know why, but that has literally always bothered me. It feels like someone was leaning too hard on trying to make that piece sound Chinese, and it annoys me. I prefer not to listen to it, which is difficult to do if you’re parking a character in an inn within Pandaria.

Not that it’s the only piece that I dislike. I’ve always found the Gustaberg music in Final Fantasy XI unnecessarily depressing (which didn’t help when it was the first zone I encountered in the game, since I started in Bastok). Ramuh’s theme in Final Fantasy XIV has never clicked for me. The cantina music in Star Wars: The Old Republic has always felt like a weak pastiche of musical themes, and I may be the only City of Heroes player who didn’t like the original login music. (The post-Freedom music, on the other hand, is spectacular; listen to it if you haven’t.)

I don’t think this is unique; I think no matter how much we may like a game’s music, it has that one piece we don’t care for. So what about you, dear readers? What MMO musical tune annoys you the most?

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I wish I could have a few choices in my guild hall music in EQ2.. The good side music gets louder and louder and louder even if you turn the “variable” sounds off, or all the way down. When you press C for character sheet, the music suddenly gets quieter and starts rising again. It’s at the point where I just turn the sound off while I’m in the guild hall (game keyboard has mute button… millions cheer). The evil side of the guilds music is much more tolerable but the only small guild hall you can get with that music that people could reasonably reach is Gorowyn… mazey maze. I’m not a fan of decorating or paying thru the nose to keep a guild door open. I don’t get why we can’t have a choice of 6-10 pieces of music for the guild hall. Or at least 3… brassy loud, spooky, and new agey. then everyone can pick what they want.

Bryan Cole

I get annoyed by lack of music variety more than any one piece. ESO for example, it sounds mostly the same everywhere I go which detracts from the game a bit. I’m spoiled by games like WoW and FF that have unique music for each zone or areas in a zone.

Robert Mann

ESO’s red diamonds… just because it’s freaking everywhere! Seriously, I think there’s imperials hiding in the walls, trees, and even the dirt under your feet!

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Well I personally like the Pandaria inn music and capital L-O-V-E Ramuh’s theme (it’s like my favorite piece from XIV). So I guess we’re at odds here. I don’t really get annoyed at MMO music in general either; I just have some songs I flat-out dislike, such as the music from the Barrens. But I wouldn’t say that’s because I find it annoying.


Can we say something about that header pic? The look of regret on that guys face, coupled with satisfied Pandaren tells me a story I’m not sure I want to know about.

Dani Reasor
Dani Reasor

I actually like the “Weimar era cabaret, but with futuristic electronic instruments” sound of the Imperial cantina music in SWTOR.

The reedy, nasal piping from WoW’s Howling Fjord and Grizzly Hills zones, which has had very vocal fans for years, sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

Wes King

How the hell has no one said Sandoria’s theme music from FFXI. Nana naanaa nanana naa naaaaaaa. Nana naanaa nanana naaaaaaa!!!!!!!

That said I loved the city even if was confusing as hell at first. Elvaan RDM reporting in!

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The garrison music, Ironforge and Dalaran started to really grate after awhile, mostly due to the repetition. TSW’s combat theme gets annoying after awhile too. Just work in some variation and it’d be tolerable

Matt Redding

The really dire organ music in the zone outside Ishgard in FF XIV really bugs me. Honorable 2nd place goes to “Papaya” because our FC co-leader has it on almost endless repeat in the FC hall.


It isn’t music, but the voiced back and forth between two NPCs in Black Desert. I think those of us that have played know the pair. The Giant and the Shai down by the banker by the docks in Velia? “Do it better!” And the worst part is that there’s barely any delay from one back and forth to the next, so it’s /constant/.