Rend’s arsenal offers many ways to bump off your enemy


“Your choice of weapon will have a big impact on your play-style in Rend, from using massive ballistae to assault your enemies, to launching a spirit-world stealth bombing run — there are many choices for players to make.”

With its PvP focus, Rend is stocking up on plenty of weapons for players to use with impunity upon their competitors. A new dev diary talks about the “blasters and bombs” that can be chosen for the fight. Due to its survival sandbox nature, players will begin with crude weapons (such as throwing sticks) and work their way up to portable high-tech death.

The path of progression goes from stone age to medieval (crossbows, bows) to industrial (spike-launchers, bombs). There’s even a super-powerful ballista, which comes in several varieties and has to be mounted upon your fortress or club house.

Source: Rend

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I don’t think you can really apply sand-box to this game. I mean a “sandbox” game is a game in which there is no defined objective, and you can play however you want. But this game is a three team domination game, in which you win by eliminating the other two teams.

That means it can’t be a sand-box game. Not that I’m not looking forward to it, because it looks fun as hell. But it’s not a sandbox game.


I’ve about 10 hours into pre-alpha (no NDA). Really enjoying so far. Game world is beautiful. 3 Factions has made for some fun encounters. One to watch for sure.


I’m not big on liner progression in a sandbox, for me it means less sand and more box.

Robert Mann

Same, and I’d rather avoid modern to slightly futuristic tech on land only. If it’s going into space, then I don’t mind. So the more I hear on this one, the less it meshes with me and my wants.