Dark and Light’s Goblin engineering will make you into a bully

Dark and Light’s Goblin engineering will make you into a bully

Have you seen Dark and Light’s Goblins? They’re hands-down the most adorable gobbos ever made for an online game. So much so, in fact, that you are certain to feel incredibly guilty when you bully them.

Wait, why would you do that? You love all sentient creatures, YouTube commenters aside, and would never do such a thing! You say that now, but you might change your mind when you discover that to level up Dark and Light’s new Goblin engineering skill, you will have to hunt down and defeat Goblins for the parts they carry.

If that’s not bad enough, here’s where it gets really twisted. When you work your way up in the ranks, some of the projects that you craft will summon Goblins to you for various purposes, such as to operate ballistas. So not only are you smacking them down, you’re also using them for cannon fodder on the front line. Go you!

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Due to my experiences in FFXI, I will kill any goblin in any game and without ANY mercy regardless of how cute they try to make it. F*** goblins. Seriously.


I like how the Ballista goblin starts shooting his buddy and the buddy looks surprised.


Fuck those Goblins. They’ll knock your ass out and steal ALL your stuff! You can’t do anything about that! I hate em! They’re a good mob for a game though.


The goblins are SO cute, even when they mug you and steal all your stuff.

That also means the best part of hunting them down and killing the adorable buggers is you’ll randomly come across one that’s robbed a player so you get a bunch of free stuff.