Kritika Online is sunsetting in Southeast Asia

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We’ve updated below with En Masse’s statement confirming that this sunset will have no impact on Kritika in the west.

Kritika Online will sunset in the Southeast Asia region, Asiasoft announced this morning. It had been live for just a year, and you’re not getting much notice here.

“With much sadness, Kritika Online SEA will discontinue servicing by 12th of December. We understand your frustration and feedback from all players at this point but we’d like to seek your kind understanding throughout this closure as we have prepared a couple of Thank You events all the way to the closure date.”

KritikaSEA staff say the game will operate normally through the end date, with the added bonus of 3000 cash shop currency added to your account per day. Payment will be shut down on November 10th.

We have no specific reason to believe this move will have any bearing on Kritika Online as launched by En Masse in the west; however, we have inquired with the studio’s PR and will report back once we’ve got the official statement.

Hugs for those affected by the closure.

Source: Official site. With thanks to Joe.
Update: En Masse has confirmed to Massively OP that the sunset for SEA has no effect on Kritika here in the west. “Our version of Kritika Online runs independently of other regions, so any changes do not directly impact our operations,” a representative for the studio told us. “We have a strong, and growing community. Our intention is to continue supporting them.”
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I’m not surprised. Seemed like a game that took elements from a bunch of other games that did badly and somehow expected to do better.


It is always sad when this happens. And I didn’t think Kritika was doing horribly bad, but then who can guess what may be going on elsewhere.

It’s also confusing. How is Sout Eeast Asia defined? What countries does that include. Wouldn’t it be easy to consolidate and continue the service by removing any regional blocking?

It seems the layoffs would be a fait accompli anyway, unfortunately.