Masangsoft casts rez on RaiderZ

What does it take to kill this

Can’t kill the Z! RaiderZ, that is. Masangsoft is apparently trying to resuscitate the title, which sunsetted under PWE’s banner in 2015.

“Masangsoft have been looking at the MMORPG RaiderZ for a long time that we’ve taken over from MAIET Entertainment, Inc.,” the company wrote on Facebook yesterday.

“We’ve been carefully exploring the potential of the game, considering the finances and human resources we have in our company. And the most important thing is that it was the users’ passion that brought RaiderZ back. We were impressed by the fact that this game provided a great deal of experience for many people. It’s true that RaiderZ is an old game that isn’t sophisticated enough to satisfy the gaming industry’s trends, technology and users’ point of view. However, the interest and affection of users is invaluable and important motivation for developing the game. We know that many people are curious about this game. We really want to release the RaiderZ right now, but there are many things we haven’t looked yet, and there are many things that we need to fix.”

See, guys, they’re rezzing it with the power of love.

What isn’t known just yet is how long it’s going to take Masangsoft to “reinvent” the title, but the studio promises news about the start of development “sooner or later.”

Source: Facebook. With thanks to Austin and Leiloni!
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