The Daily Grind: Are there MMOs you keep getting sucked back to?

Yo, who the eff is this?

There are a lot of games which I like that I leave but still think about going back to, like Star Trek Online and Guild Wars 2. More often than not, I’m not playing them simply because I don’t have enough time in the day to do so, since I’ve got two games on my docket anyway and a third title rotating for Choose My Adventure. That’s all well and good, and I understand exactly why those games draw me back.

But then there are games like Revelation Online and Blade & Soul. These are not games I dislike, but it seems that I regularly find myself thinking about them and looking longingly in their direction, wondering about how fun they must be. And then I play them and I don’t have much fun, and I stop, and I’m left wondering why I keep getting drawn in again.

I think we’ve all got a few titles like that. There are always games we wind up playing time and again, games we know we aren’t going to like but which manage to just suck us in because we really want to like them. But maybe I’m wrong. Tell me, dear readers, are there MMOs you keep getting sucked back to even though you don’t like them? Not necessarily that they’re bad games, they’re just not for you?

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Bruno Brito

Sigh…same with GW2.

My issue with GW2 is simple: The world has quite a lot of depth, so you feel instinctively drawn to it, but the game hasn’t.

GW2 builds are extremely restrict, some classes are a mess because of their inherent design ( Necros, Engineers, Mesmers ) The weaponsystem is bad because while interesting, it forces you either to hurt your character concept to avoid underperforming weaponry, and doesn’t allow you much customization either.

So, to me, it’s simple: Great world, bad game design.

God, couldn’t they just like, improved upon GW1’s system to make GW2? Why people think that shallow gameplay is good?


Nope, but I’d sure love one.

Oleg Chebeneev


Dug From The Earth

Sucked back to? I think its more like, “There are no, new, good mmorpgs to play, so I guess ill go back to the old, but decent ones”

Loyal Patron

I used to come back to WoW for a month with every new expansion.

Though the combo of the last one being thoroughly meh, the next one looking to be focused on PvP, and the combat still being boring finally has me out for good. I hope.


It was GW2 but its run its course for me now, not a good game anymore.

Still find myself subbing back to DDO for a month every now and then and its always great.



I’m pretty strict with myself when it comes to MMOs. I don’t game hop and only ever have one on the go at a time. I’m an endgame / social focused player which means to get the most out of a game, I have to play it for months on end in order to develop the social connections that make an MMO as great as possible.

MMOs also generally get worse over time for a player like me. They all seem to get dumbed down over time, yet they’re all easy to begin with. Successive expansions tend to reduce the amount of endgame content, so I get bored quicker. Then there is the business model which tends to get worse and worse. So, for me, there is just no reason to return to an old game.

That said, if they ever actually did improve the old MMOs I used to play, I’d be up for returning.

Kickstarter Donor

Elder Scrolls Online. I want to like it since I’ve been a fan of the single-player Elder Scroll series since Arena. Even though I’ve gone back to it after One Tamriel, Morrowind, and other major updates/expansion, I just can’t stick with it for more than a couple of weeks before I’m just sick of it again.


I hear ya man. I tried it at launch, then again six months later, and finally a month or two before Tamriel Unlimited. Each time I had the same issues; pedestrian questing, uninspired story, dreadful looking player avatars, combat not particularly engaging, and no faction esprit de corps at all. I know ESO certainly has its fans here at Massively, but for me it just didn’t hit that sweet spot no mater how much I wanted it to.

Kevin Flanagan

Seven months ago I decided I was done with World of Warcraft, for real this time. I usually quit at least once per expansion cycle, but usually come back once the final raid is out, or more likely once the next expansion is announced. But this time I meant it; I stopped following a bunch of WoW tumblr accounts, I uninstalled the game. I did everything short of deleting my characters. Probably because I new I was going to cave. They announce some new races, races I’m not even that excited about, and I come back right away.



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Bree Royce
Bree Royce

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