Sea of Thieves temporarily disables its new open and closed crew feature


Yesterday, Rare patched in a new feature into Sea of Thieves that was designed to allay the rampant griefing going on within player crews. The new open and closed crew feature allows players to select between pugging and only grouping with friends. A good first step, we suppose, except that the studio had to take the system offline due to errors.

“Due to a high volume of AllmondBeard errors we’ll be scheduling another emergency maintenance window at 16:15 PDT,” the studio posted on Twitter. “During this window we’ll temporarily remove the Open/Closed Crews feature as well as the invisible underwater gamer tags. We’ll post more information as we have it.”

This system, along with the disabling of underwater name plates, continues to be disabled this morning even as the game has been brought back online. “The game is still experiencing server instability and players may experience issues,” the studio said. Rare urged players to stay tuned to its Twitter feed for current information.

Source: Twitter. Thanks DK!
Update: Fixes are happening!

Update: And now it’s back: