The Daily Grind: What was your greatest MMO gaming accomplishment in 2018?

Going nowhere, going nowhere.

It is always good to pause and take stock of the year-that-was before you turn a corner into a fresh calendar. We’ve had 12 months of crazy gaming highs and lows in the industry, among the community, and personally.

Chances are, you’ve done something significant with that time. Perhaps you finally hit the level or content cap in an MMO after a very long journey. It could be that you raked in a ton of money, played a whole variety of titles, got outside of your comfort zone, or totally pwned that camper in a memorable way.

Let’s sound off: What was your greatest MMO gaming accomplishment in 2018? And how exactly are you going to top that in 2019?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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Michael Hawes

after playing WoW since November 22 2004 I played BFA and came to the decision to step away from WoW for good , after staying in touch with the lore in the recent patches I am glad with my decision

sad day though, so many memories and good times but the end has come


I think finally stepping away from world of warcraft and being done with it. I was just pissing away time in the game when there were other games I wanted to play.
I’ll pop back in for classic, but probably give up once I cap at 60 ;)

Anton Mochalin

Getting 6 star Zeus in Smite. Not sure though if Smite is an MMO (however I see MOBAs covered regularly on this website).

Robert Mann

Not wasting too much time in games with the hope of something greater. AKA, spending it on things other than MMOs while I wait for something that is… more world, less murder-hobo.

I count that as an accomplishment, because it can be tempting to just spend time doing stuff in those, but by focusing on the harsh truth of the state of the genre I was able to spend that time on a number of things I enjoyed (in all honesty) far more than I would have enjoyed sitting around grinding mobs.

Kickstarter Donor

Ending the year “still” subscribed to the same two games I started it subscribed too. And believe me it wasn’t but for lack of better offerings they kept my custom.


I had a tonne of free game time for wow in 2018, but only logged in for a month of BfA. Bought a 30days just after christmas cos I got mad nostalgic for the christmas event, but almost immediately regretted it haha.


Having a new job which allows me to spend more time gaming with my wife and friends.

Oh, and Vet Maelstrom Arena completion in ESO :)

Loyal Patron

Beating Fate Grand Order without spending a dime.

(10 minutes ago, in fact)

Of course that’s only the first major story arc – two years and eight singularities. More is on the way since this stuff only ends when the money stops coming in. But it really was an amazing wrap-up of these last two years, so it’s the most satisfying MMO thing I’ve done in years.

Malcolm Swoboda

I’m still stuck in the tutorial.

But I finally ‘finished’ (the Digest version of) Season 1 in Mobius Final Fantasy at least.


My biggest achievement this year? Capping my new Warden and getting her legendary gear in about 4 weeks. She is now tough as scrap iron and ready for anything.

For comparison, my Destroyer needed a year and a half or so and has now fallen behind the Warden.


MMO-wise, I finally put together my first legendary in January! Which I haven’t really used since Deadeye hasn’t been quite as fun as Mirage or Holosmith, but it still looks really badass.

And then I went into the hospital, which sucked, but things have been brightening since then!

Bango on Laurelin

Being an active part of the shitshow that was /r/Bless when that game’s Early Access released.

Oleg Chebeneev

im envy