Fallen Earth team vows to rebuild the game — which could involve a ‘complete reboot’


Is it sad or inspiring that a game like Fallen Earth gets more direct developer communication than many larger and more mainstream MMOs? Either way, it’s cool to see how this post-apocalyptic MMO is fighting for a better future with the aid of engaged owners.

Little Orbit’s Matthew Scott wrote up a lengthy state of the game post in which he recapped the journey that Fallen Earth has been on ever since the company’s acquisition of it back in May 2018. Since then, the small team’s been taking the game apart and attempting to rebuild it with a new engine and better art assets while throwing various events and holidays.

So what’s coming for Fallen Earth in 2019? The project’s still in the planning stages, but a rebirth is a possibility. “I can’t answer whether this will be a complete reboot, a new game, or whether it will run with the current player data,” Scott said. “I can say that we’re going to give our best effort at rebuilding the game. It will be a long process involving many stages.”

Source: Fallen Earth. Thanks Bruno!
In response to a player query, Little Orbit says it hasn’t ruled out character transfers to the reboot.

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